A selection of published time series is here provided in four alternative formats (ASCII, Excel, EViews, Stata).

The series are grouped under the title of the work in which they appear.  Within the files, the individual series are identified by a simple code that comprises a reference to the source page (p) or table (t) number followed by a reference to the corresponding row (r) or column (c) number:  for example, “t1c1” identifies Table 1, column 1.  In some cases, the code is extended to identify content.

The downloadable series are often unrounded, or rounded, versions of the published series.



New industrial production and GDP series:

 S. Fenoaltea, "Notes on the Rate of Industrial Growth in Italy, 1861-1913," Journal of Economic History LXIII, no. 3 (September 2003), 695-735 ( ASCII, Excel, Eviews, Stata)

  S. Fenoaltea, "The Growth of the Italian Economy, 1861-1913: Preliminary Second-Generation Estimates," European Review of Economic History VIII, no. 3 (December 2005), pp. 273-312 ( ASCII, Excel, Eviews, Stata)

It must be borne in mind that these series are estimates built up from a thin and unreliable historical data base.  They incorporate, in varying proportions, “evidence” and hypotheses; their prudent use requires some familiarity with their actual content.


Historical "data":

 Istat (Istituto centrale di statistica), Sommario di statistiche storiche italiane, 1861-1955 (Roma 1958)  ( ASCII, Excel, Eviews, Stata)

These series are from the first edition of the abstract of historical statistics (later editions lack the annual figures for the pre-World War I  decades). Some were estimated by Istat in the 1950s, others were estimated by contemporaries.